March is Brain Injury Awareness Month!

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One way to help? Give a monthly donation and support children and adult survivors on the journey of recovery!


"I love that for only $0.32 a day ($10 a month), I'm helping change lives in the community I live in..."
- Cameron M., Current Monthly Sustainer

You Make it Possible...

Every day, the lives of hundreds of Northern Virginians are changed because of a tragic accident resulting in a brain injury or concussion. Many more are faced with life-altering decisions because a family member has suffered a stroke.Because of events such as these, the number of people needing services increases dramatically year after year.

Because of your generosity, Brain Injury Services supports and empowers survivors and their family members so that no one has to face their future in doubt or alone. Through innovative programs, educational resources, and peer support groups, we are here to help. But we are not able to do this work without YOU!

Will you generously support the recovery of a survivor today and become a monthly donor?

Your donation will support...

  • a single mom who suffered a stroke and faces raising her children alone;
  • a veteran and their family while recovering from PTSD and a TBI;
  • a child struggling in school because of a brain injury caused by a fall; and,
  • a TBI survivor making plans to return to work after a major car accident

Support survivors on their journey of recovery with a tax deductible donation today!

"Brain Injury Services gives us a reason to keep living and helps us plan for a better tomorrow." - Samson A., Current Client

Suggested Monthly Amounts:

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  • $100 a month = $3.22 per day

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Here's another way to help: Create #BrainInjuryAwareness Online

All month long Brain Injury Services will be posting pictures, videos, and stories regarding the important issues that effect survivors. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter during Brain Injury Awareness Month and help out by sharing and commenting on everything we post! Let's make sure your friends know that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! Use the hashtag #braininjuryawareness and tell your friends what they need to know about brain injury.

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What are the Numbers?

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, an estimated 389,621 Virginians live with disabilities caused by TBI and stroke; and

An estimated 2.5 million Americans, including 475,000 children, sustain a traumatic brain injury each year, including 795,000 who suffer a stroke; and

As many as 8.5 million children and adults nationwide live with long-term disabilities due to traumatic brain injury and stroke; and

Of the approximately 28,000 individuals in Virginia each year who sustain brain injuries including concussions, more than 7,000 are hospitalized, largely due to falls, motor vehicle crashes, assaults, sporting-related injuries, or occupational injuries.

Read more of these numbers from Governor Ralph Northam's Proclamation of Brain Injury Awareness Month